A Leading Indonesian Private Company In Dredging, Reclamation, Civil and Marine Construction Works


PT. SAC NUSANTARA, an Indonesian company, established in 1971, with the aim to support the Government in the development of country, so to make a positive contribution to the betterment of society. The rapid development ofn industry and the fast growth of trade request new industrial land and port facilities, to cope with the increase flow of products. The company was formed and founded to fill the shortage in capacity for dredging and reclamation in order to respond to the above demand.

In the period of more than five decades (52nd) since establishment, PT. SAC NUSANTARA has expanded the range of activities and perfomed numerous projects in the wide scope of civil construction for and to the satisfaction of National and International Agencies and Private Clients. Such performances has been accompanied by corresponding accumalation of : 1. Experience and expertise gained by transfer of know how, through joint operation with foreign companies. 2. Fleet Development and innovation.

Today the company is capable to undertake complex and sophisticated projects, either through National or International tendering, as it has the back-up of a strong organization , skilled labour and sufficient capacity. PT. SAC NUSANTARA expects continued quantitative and qualitative growth in the years to come and looks forward in assisting you in the fulfillment of yout requirements, whether they be large or small, simple or sophisticated and do hope that you will call upon PT. SAC NUSANTARA to realize your goals.